Not many people have heard about the pangolin, so here is some information about them, the dangers they are facing, and information about the charity I am supporting. 10% of my sales go to this charity so everytime you purchase one of my products, you are helping the pangolin!


The Pangolin

The Pangolin is not a well known species, however sadly it is one of the most illegally traded animals in the world. There are 8 different species of pangolin that all vary slightly in size, shape, colour and behavior. All pangolins have hard overlapping scales that cover all of the outside of their bodies except for … Continue reading The Pangolin

Helping the pangolin

Pangolins are threatened by poaching and hunting for their meat and scales as well as habitat loss, all four African pangolin species are listed as vulnerable to extinction and the four Asian species are in a worse situation, varying from endangered to critically endangered. Despite pangolins being one of the most illegally traded animals, most … Continue reading Helping the pangolin

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