Hullo! I am Melzie, an animal loving, craft obsessed newbie to blogging.

I only seriously got into crafts after leaving university.  I studied Zoo Biology, which I loved, but since leaving I haven’t managed to decide on which path with animals I wanted to take. Instead, I got a sewing machine that set me off on a path of trying to teach myself every craft that comes along (that’s me, indecisive). Since then I have been attempting to make my own clothes, starting on embroidery, a bit of knitting, and paper craft, and I’ve really fallen in love with crochet.

Deciding that I love the creative process I have set up Potty Pangolin as an outlet to sell the crafty wares that I have feverishly been making. Disappointed that I have not used my education in animals I decided that Potty Pangolin is going to aim to raise awareness of endangered animals that you may not have heard of or know very little about- like the Pangolin!

Every item that is sold, 10% of it will go towards a chosen charity that is trying to save the animal. Please visit the pangolin page to find out more about this unique animal and the organisation we will be supporting.

Potty Pangolins blog is going to have lots of different crafty makes, hopefully some DIY tutorials and information about some to the worlds least known endangered animals.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope the you have stumbled upon this blog and have managed to find something useful or interesting. Feel free to visit my etsy page or leave any useful feedback!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Arlene says:

    Thank you for liking my post “Sewing Project” on OUR RETIRED LIFE.
    I knew what a pangolin was but did not realize they were endangered. Good of you to make people aware and donate some of your sales to charity.
    Good luck!

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